Corpus Delicti created beautiful haunting grooves from 1992 through 1997. Five years, three studio albums, two compilations on American record label Cleopatra and worldwide touring from France to Germany, UK, USA, Spain and Italy has made Corpus Delicti the most famous Gothic-Rock band out of France to this day.

While most of Corpus Delicti releases are now difficult to find, French label D-Monic Records has released a trilogy of Corpus Delicti reissued albums titled: From Dawn to Twilight, A New Saraband of Sylphes and Last Obsessions. The trilogy can be found in both compact disc and digital formats on the D-Monic Records E-Shop.

Sébastien’s beautiful voice and lyrics can still be heard in his solo project Kuta.

Chrys created industrial project Komintern with several albums available.

Jerome created industrial act NKVD and electronica act Gom as well as his own mastering studio, Air Mastering.

Lastly and most recent news! Sébastien, Chrys and Franck are back together in a brand new project named Press Gang Metropol with their debut album Checkpoint. The group’s second release ‘Fictions’ will be available late January 2013 with 4 wonderful remixes by Haujobb (Germany), Millimetric (France), Lowlight (South Africa) and Adan & Peter (France).